About Us

As a member of Chamber of Commerce and  Ministry of Economy Turkey Exporters’ Association, we have finished our 14th year in automotive field in thanks to our “ one hundred percent result and success targeted” vision. As progressing with a complete customer satisfaction, we are realizing exports of  our main company which is a distributor as well. We export accurate, guaranteed products, in other words GENUINE, OEM and OES parts to more than 70 countries from Hong Kong to Costa Rica, from Finland to South Africa.

“Save time, save money. Choose EGT Parts”

We have a wide range of brands that you can see through all Genuine and OEM and OES parts brands so we give you an ALL IN ONE service with our 30 staff members, 3 warehouses that are located in different places. We are assertive at our field and aware of this responsibility.

Although the  prices that we provide you are based on  FOB ISTANBUL delivery terms, we provide you freight offer before that. We can work parallel with the shipment agency that you would like to deal with or share with you the details of the shipment agency that we are affiliated. 

  • Handling cost is +100 Euro for the orders under 5000 Euro. 
  • No fees for the documents like ATR 1, EURO1 and Certificate of ORIGIN.
  • Once the goods are arrived in warehouse, delivery period is minimum 5 days.
  • Delivery period is maximum 4 or 5 weeks for the goods that are not in stock.
  • Booking of the goods will be done once the annual or periodical purchase list is
  • sent by your side.